Curio for the strange and unusual, the unfamiliar, captivating and scary object we still wish to investigate. Curio, also, for the Curiosity cabinet, the museum’s eclectic ancestor. In a similar manner to these curios where collectors once accumulated their finds, the Infinite Curio wishes to share thoughts, comments and news about books of all kinds. From children fairy tales to epistolary novels, from fiction to gory horror tales, you can find in the Curio a little bit of everything – and even a little more about photography, knitting, travel and anything else that springs to mind!

Find more about the origins of the blog’s name here.

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  1. Very good. I really enjoyed your blog. I’m currently working on my first of many novels, while at the same time trying to finish my authors web site. I cant wait to finally get my work out there for the public 🙂

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