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That’s me, Kay – or at least, it is the most recent illustration of myself

Product of the eighties, survivor of the fluorescent years and gifted in awkwardness, I was from a young age a fervent reader. I would say that my reading preferences have since more or less changed. Depends on the day, to be honest!

Reading a book is a little like opening the door on another universe, and the most magical of them are the ones that surprise me in different ways. My reading is eclectic, and my reading selection changes depending on my mood.

Therefore, I equally enjoy captivating stories, complex characters, creative universes, colorful imagery, poignant narrations, fine prose, excessive language, bold scenes, unmentionable crimes, unexpected twists, poetic writing, heartbreak stories, illustrated texts, twisted relationships, humor in many ways, decadent descriptions, absurd ideas, spectacular landscapes, spicy personalities, enumerations that never ends, etc.

I have a monstrous pile of books to be read, and it never stops growing. To be honest, I don’t really mind; I love to be surrounded by books, and it protects from the cold during the hardships of the Canadian winters!

When I’m not reading, I can be found behind a camera, strolling through the museums or stuck in a yarn ball.

I tend to keep to myself, and for this reason I find myself comfortable with the internet’s anonymity; this being said, I’m not completely wild and savage, and I would be happy to discuss and share with other readers, bloggers, and others!

– Kay –


  1. Hi Kay,
    I am somewhat new to wordpress and I was just wondering how you got the tags/ links to other parts of your blog?

    example: home/aboutTBR ??

    I’ve been trying to add other pages to my blog and links from those pages but I can’t seem to figure it out :/

    It would be much appreciated if you could help me (:

    Thanks .

    Phoebe .x

    • Hi Phoebe!

      I would love to help you if I can! I managed my menu by going to my dashboard in the “appearance” category, in “menus”. There you can place your pages in order, and create direct links to a specific page. If you want more help, you can always send me an email so we can communicate faster! 🙂 (see my contact page!)

      • How fun!!! I miss going to places like this. I just haven’t found a good piukpmn farm down here to visit yet, and we’ve been here 3 years! Hopefully I’ll find one next year.Great pictures! And thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great looking blog!!

  3. I love your blog! I read your comics and they are so cute and funny. I’m not quite as obsessed with books, but it feels nice not to be alone! 🙂

  4. Lovely photo. When I saw where it was taken I checked your About. I’m a Canadian too. Grew up in Montreal, spent our first winter in Canada in Baie Comeau!!!! So I know about Canadian winters.

    • Oh! Hello, fellow Canadian! Yes, we do have some cold winters! It’s not too bad in Montreal compared to where I grew up (Rimouski). Thanks for stopping by!

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