Mostly Wordless Wednesday – Knit Christmas Gifts 2013, Scarves & Shawls edition

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Light Scarf for Mom :



Shawl for Mother-in-Law :




Scarf for Father-in-Law Bob :

plaid in law 3

plaid in law 5

plaid in law 6

So here are the last of the gifts. The shawl was a project I had worked on and off for about two year. It saw many hours of Game of Thrones and heard many swears, but I was very happy with the result! I don’t think I’ll be working on another similar shawl for a long, long while though!
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  1. Love the pattern on the last one. I can imagine it might be quite a challenge making it though.
    Have fun, don’t stop blogging and if you ever run out of travelling ideas, you are very welcome to drop by my blog.

  2. great job!!!!

  3. I am in awe of your talent. I’m sure everyone was thrilled with their gifts.

  4. Just exquisite! I can’t imagine anyone’s face not lighting up when they opened their lovely presents. Such talent!

  5. How wonderful! And the pictures are great, too!

  6. Stunning!!!!!

  7. WOW! They are incredibly impressive. You are really talented!

  8. You knit so beautifully. These are so intricate and beautiful… I know I say this on literally every post you put up about knitting, but ugh I must learn.

  9. Wow, Kay, these are gorgeous! Your family is very lucky and you are certainly talented!

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