1. Lovely summer images Kay. I can’t believe it’s more than half over already.

  2. Gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful. You captured some of the reasons I love summer.

  4. These definitely have a warm, soft and summery feel to them! Lovely as always, Kay.

  5. I really like this set of images – it’s winter here, but I feel warm just looking at them!

  6. Gorgeous. I love those clouds.

  7. Oh my, these photos are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them and taking my mind off the heat.

  8. Wow great pics, especially the last one with the clouds!

  9. Great pictures!

  10. Very beautiful photos. The one of the clouds is my absolute fave 🙂

  11. Those are all so pretty and summery.

  12. So pretty!

  13. Thank you everyone!
    The summer is too short, sadly, but fall and its beautiful colors is coming!

  14. These pictures are awesome!

  15. I think that you have done a brilliant job of capturing summer.

  16. Beautiful sky photos, what camera / lens do you use? 🙂

  17. your pictures always blow me away! they’re amazing.

  18. Such beautiful photography, Kay. You’re so talented.

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