50 books in 2009!

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I was entering my most recent reads into my excel document tonight, when I realised that That Summer by Sarah Dessen was my 50th book this year! Wow! I’m quite impressed with myself, considering I read a total 54 books in 2007 and 62 in 2008. I read almost a year’s worth in about five months!

I think I owe a big part of this to my new book-blogging addiction. I discovered so many great books that my TBR list has incredibly increased! It also motivated me to read more. Ironically, I spend a lot less of my free time on the internet and a lot more reading. It kind of helped me place my “hobby priorities” in a different order.

I probably won’t be able to maintain that speed next September, as my course load will be a lot heavier, but I know I will continue reading for fun, at least a little. I discovered this year that I needed that time to relax, even if only a few minutes a day. Otherwise, I stress too much and my school results suffer it. In any case, 2009 will have been a good year of reading!

Now let’s see if I can get through that Summer Reading Blitz! 🙂


  1. That’s really impressive! I think I am just a slow reader, because although my reading increases every year, I haven’t been able to hit 50 books…. yet! I’m hoping 2009 is the year!

  2. Congrats — you’re really on a roll! Are you participating in the 100+ Reading Challenge? You could totally win! 🙂

    I have a goal of 105 books read this year… and I’m on book No. 35! Definitely lagging behind, but I’m hopeful I’ll pull out a victory in the end 🙂 Summer is here — and that’s usually a great time for me to get caught up!

  3. Steph : I’m sure you can do it! 🙂 But you know, it also depends on the lenght of the books. I’ve recently been in a YA frenzy, so most are shorter novels than I’m used too. Also, although I’m excited to have hit 50 books already, I don’t forget quality matters even more, so I try to be more selective with the books I read (which doesn’t mean I won’t read bad ones).

    Mostly, I blame my reading on the 2 hours I spend in the subway everyday when I go to school! It’s the time I use to relax between the classes and the work I have to do for the classes. I really need that!

    Megan : No, I wasn’y participating but now I’m thinking about it! 🙂 My personnal goal was 75, so we’ll see. I’m sure you can succeed your challenge though! I find summer is a good time to read. The sun getting to sleep later gives me the impression I have more time in the evenings. 😛

  4. Hooray, congrats! The same happened with me…I thought I couldn’t read more, but then I started blogging 😛

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